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Inverters & UPS

Inverters & UPS

outbOutBack FX500 inverter system (Dual inverter system) The FX500 inverter system is virtualy the perfect inverter system for the average home.The FX500 can be built with a single inverter and be expanded to a dual inverter system at a later date.

By having 2 stacked inverters the FX500 provides up to 7200watts of continuous power at 48V.




Xantrex’s 3000 Watt Hi-Power Inverter is the Inverter to have when you need a high power inverter. The XPower 3000 Plus is an affordable and reliable way to transform DC battery power into 115-volt household AC power. The inverters are Ideal for Long Haul Truckers who need to power home appliances, consumer electronic and office equipment on-board their vehicle. They are also suitable for Small Contractors to operate power tools from their van or pick-up truck, and FOR Recreational Users such as RV or automobile owners.

You Get:

  • Mounting Brackets for Convenient Installation
  • Heavy Duty Stud Connectors

Features of the Xantrex’s 12-Volt 3000 Watt Hi-Power Inverter:

  • Portable Power for AC Appliances Rated up to 3000 Watts (120 Volt at 25 Amps)
  • Two Grounded AC Receptacles with Dedicated 15-Amp Breakers
  • High Surge Capacity for Products that Require More Power to Start
  • Easy to Read Digital Display Indicates DC Battery Voltage  or Output Power
  • High Efficiency – Converts Virtually ALL the Battery’s Available Power to AC
  • Overload and Over Temperature Shutdown
  • Over Voltage Protection (15.5 VDC)
  • Low Voltage Alarm (11.0 VDC)
  • Low Voltage Cut-Out (10.5 VDC)


catalog-tle-sml TLE Series
GE’s TLE Series is one of the most efficient and reliable Three Phase UPS systems, providing best-in-class efficiency up to 96.5%, high output performance and critical power protection for data centers. The TLE Series UPS is designed and optimized to provide high efficiency at part load conditions.
Low Total Cost of Ownership
High efficiency in double conversion mode up to 96.5% and eBoost mode operation up to 99%.
High double conversion efficiency provides substantial life cycle cost saving in power and cooling cost of up to $ 2 MM for a 6 MW data center.
Clean input performance keeps the supply network clean and provides advantages by reducing size of circuit breaker, cables and generator.Easier Installation and Configuration Flexibility
True front access for operation and maintenance reduces mean time to repair (MTTR)
Built in back feed protection and maintenance switch minimize installation cost and increase safety
Smaller size reduced installation and operational foot print
Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) for reliability, redundancy and scalability up to 6 UPSHigh Performance and Availability
Enhanced output performance with unit power factor to protect and supply modern IT load
Excellent dynamic performance and low output voltage distortion
Improved diagnostic capabilities with waveform capture and capacitor monitoring


category-SG SG Series
The SG series is a high efficiency design and provides fast step/transient load response
while eliminating single points of failure. SG series UPS’s are suitable for use in large
enterprise class data networks and data centers, and healthcare equipment.
Best-in-Class Efficiency with Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Up to 99% operating efficiency with written efficiency guarantees
  • eBoost operation minimizes efficiency losses providing annual power & cooling savings up to $300k for 5MW data center
  • eBoost line conditioning & voltage regulation via Bypass Inductor patented design
  • Innovative product technologies that boost efficiency, reliability and lengthen battery life
Easier Installation and Configuration Flexibility
  • Top or bottom cable access
  • Matching battery and maintenance bypass cabinet for easy configuration
  • Front Maintainability Design reduces mean time to repair (MTTR)
Scalable Solution
  • Scalable Solution
  • Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) provides reliability, redundancy and scalability
  • Parallel up to 6 UPS Modules
  • Long history of experience with Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) which increases system reliability by eliminating single point of failures
LP33-40-02 LP33 Series
The LP33 series is a transformer-less design reducing install footprint and installation
time. LP33 series UPS’s are suitable for use in large data networks and telecom
Power dependency has increased dramatically in the new business environment based on eCommerce applications, mobile networks, corporate Internet sites, medical equipment, banking systems, ePay and networked IT structures. Near 100% system availability is mandatory in view of the financial and business consequences. Not only does the absence of power have catastrophic consequences, but also an unnoticed mains disturbance can affect your expensive equipment or critical processes.
Features and Benefits

  • High input power factor (>0.98) and low input THD distortion (<8%) prevents disturbances to other electrical equipment, thus eliminating the need for costly filters or oversized feeders.
  • Transformerless design for compact footprint, easily transportable, robustly designed system with low audible noise suitable for both office and industrial environments.
  • Utilizes high frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) IGBT digital control technique resulting in extremely low output distortion and fast transient response eliminating the need for oversizing the UPS.
  • Intelligent Energy Management in RPA Configuration and ECO-mode for single module configuration provides automatic energy savings.
  • Superior Battery Management (SBM) enhances battery lifetime resulting in reduced cost of operation.
  • Integrated internal manual maintenance bypass reducing the need for external (larger footprint) equipment.
  • Fully compliant with standards (cUL: UL1778; IEC 62040, ISO 9001)
  • Internal batteries are standard and matching external battery cabinets are available for extended runtime requirements
  • Remote monitoring and management available with connections via LAN, modem, SNMP, RS232, Modbus RTU, programmable alarm contacts, and TCP/IP.
  • Transformerless design ensures smaller footprint and less weight than transformer technology UPS modules
  • Overload capability @ 125% load on inverter = 10mins. and 150%= 1min.
  • Overload capability @ 200% load on bypass = 2mins.
  • Output voltage THD @ 100% non-linear load on inverter = <3%
  • Output voltage THD @ 100% linear load = <2%